Near East


Ancient Arabia

The Arabian peninsula has been at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa since mankind’s earliest migrations, becoming the center of religious awakening that spread out in four directions.

Ancient Armenia

First mentioned in the Bible, the ancient Kingdom of Armenia was among the first nations to convert to Christianity, tracing a national lineage for more the three thousand years.

Ancient Iraq

The fertile crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates, Iraq is home to some of the earliest cities in the world  and where writing may have first developed.

Ancient Israel

The lands of Judea and Israel were the first Jewish kingdoms, where David and Solomon were kings, and the Romans battled for control in the Jewish revolts.

Ancient Persia

After the fall of the earliest Mesopotamian civilizations, the Persian Empire rose to become the greatest military force in the ancient world.

Ancient Turkey

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it was here that the some of the earliest people, the Hurrians and Hittites, formed the first European military empires.

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