Ancient Asia & Oceania

Ancient Australia

One of the last regions to be colonized by Europeans, Australia remained isolated for centuries – a remote landscape where a unique Aboriginal culture flourished.

Ancient Cambodia

The city of Ankgor Wat is one of the worlds great cultural archeological sites and was once the pinnacle of the great Khmer Empire.

Ancient China

With the unification of China under the Qin Emperor in the 3rd Century BCE., a great nation rose to become a center of artistic and technological knowledge.

Ancient India

Home of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations, the Indian subcontinent could possibly be where the earliest civilizations originated.

Ancient Indonesia

Comprising over seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia has been a strategic center of trade since ancient times, and is home to the ancient cultures of Bali, Java and Sumatra.

Ancient Japan

The Japanese people are the custodians of the land of the rising sun, the name they give their ancient island kingdom that straddles the far eastern edges of Asia and the north Pacific.


Ancient Korean

The Korean Peninsula is an extremely rich historical and archeological region that comprised a number of important Kingdoms in the early history of Asia.

Ancient New Zealand

AThe Polynesians settled New Zealand in the early part of this millennium and created a unique culture that flourished across vast expanses of the Pacific.

Ancient Philippines

The more than 7,000 islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago are home to one of the most diverse cultural regions of the ancient southeast Asian world.

Ancient Thailand

The ancient Siamese kingdoms of Thailand maintained an independent existence throughout their thousand year history, and were never conquered by foreign powers.

Ancient Tibet

Once thought to be the mysterious Kingdom of Shangri-la, Tibet is the highest elevated country on earth, with a culture that has been devoutly Buddhist for centuries.

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